Launched in 2009, Ozone Zipline Adventures is a department of YMCA Camp Kern that was created as a response to the decline in traditional Outdoor Education school groups attending camp. Proceeds from Ozone will help Camp Kern’s school program, which has been jeopardized by school budget constraints. Because of Ozone Zipline revenue, Camp Kern has been able to keep the Outdoor Education experience affordable to local schools, and provide greater financial assistance to ensure more schools can experience the impact of an overnight field trip.

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What should I expect?

Guests will suit up and fly on zip lines breezing through and above the canopy of the Little Miami River valley. Two tour guides will escort each group of up to 10 participants from platform to platform.

As an educational canopy tour guests will get an insight into everything from 500 million year old fossils to 2,000 year old Native American earthworks, to current issues of water conservation and habitat loss, to local flora and fauna, from our professional and knowledgeable tour guides. Ozone Zipline Adventures will delight riders with its unique vantage point to view millions of years of history while providing thrilling experiences riders won’t soon forget.

How it all works

  • 2 Ozone Tour Guides will lead each group of up to 10 guests on their tour.
  • One guide will cross each zip line first, and become the ‘receiving guide’ while the other guide will be the ‘sending guide.’
  • The ‘sending guide’ will safely connect each guest one at a time to the zip line and send them across to the next platform and the receiving guide. Once all guests have zipped, the sending guide will cross and the whole process starts again for the next zipline or skybridge.
  • All zip lines start and end at a platform in the trees. Platforms range in height from 20ft to 50ft while the lines themselves range from 15ft to 200ft in height (due to the lay of the land).
  • Lines range in length from 600ft to 1300ft.
  • All zip lines are designed with hands free braking, so gravity naturally slows you down. On our longer lines, we have backing systems (and back up brakes!) that slow guests to a comfortable stop if needed.